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Even smaller and more versatile than the previous versions the brand new Air Killer Plus, thanks to its tech specs, is destined to mark a new path for this type of products

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Air Killer Plus

Even smaller and more versatile than the previous versions the brand new Air Killer Plus, thanks to its tech specs, is destined to mark a new path for this type of products. 7075 has always designed its products with the aim of innovating and renewing by thinking about the needs of its customers. We wondered for a long time how to improve Air Killer Plus but the feedback we received was from customers already satisfied with the product. So we started asking to the drivers and mechanics who are often around the world for races and we realized that we had two points that could be optimized. The dimensions and make it independent from power sources.  And from these two points it started the project that led to the creation of the first battery-powered Vacuum RC Air Killer Plus. The design, although reduced in size, looks back to the successful lines of its predecessors. The new Air killer Plus measures only 6.8cm per 2.7cm but despite its very small size it is able to accommodate both the cylinder for Touring 1/10 but also for the 1/10 and 1/8 off road. Air Killer Plus is powered by a very common CR123 battery. This battery has been chosen to save space but at the same time guarantee several hours of autonomy. Air Killer Plus in its base hosts two holes designed to accommodate the diffs for both 1/10 and 1/8. Also at the base of the Air Killer Plus a threaded hole has been added that allows to screw the shock absorber stand. The focus to detail is almost maniacal for us at 7075 special parts, which is why we have chosen the famous MonacoRC Bag as the packaging for the new Air Killer Plus.

Air Killer Plus is available in three versions:

- Air Killer Plus OnRoad #7075-AKP110
For 1/10 scale models. It has a 61mm high cylinder with an aluminum stand to accommodate the shock absorbers.

- Air Killer Plus OffRoad #7075-AKP108
For Offroad models 1/10 and 1/8. It has a 127mm cylinder, an aluminum stand where on one side it has the holes for the shock absorbers 1/10 and on the other side for 1/8. This model can also be used to put additive the foam tires for 1/12.

- Air Killer Plus AllRoad #7075-AKP810
This model includes the two cylinders and the two OnRoad and OffRoad stands.







When using for the first time, a CR123 battery must be inserted into the Air Killer Plus

Now load the shock absorbers or the diff as you normally would. Insert them in the holes of the special stand and place it at the center of the Air Killer Plus  Take the plexiglass cylinder checking that you have screwed the upper valve and place it in the groove dedicated to it. At this point all that remains is to apply a slight pressure on the cylinder to ensure a better adherence to the gasket and press the start button. Air Killer Plus will start its vacuum work. Please hold the button down for about 30 seconds for the OnRoad version and about 40 seconds for the OffRoad version. When the pump noise changes it means it has reached the optimal value. At this stage please wait a few minutes depending on the viscosity of the oil. Liquid oils, less time / Oils with more density, more time. Once the Vacuum effect has ended, simply unscrew the valve located above the cylinder. It is advisable to unscrew it gently in order to avoid to create a "pressure wave" that could let the oil to leak from the shock absorbers / diffs.


It is advisable to keep the shock absorbers plates as high as possible. This because the air, due to the vacuum effect, goes upwards and therefore even if there will be bubbles under the piston, with this heads up they will be easy to remove. In case of shock absorbers such as PSS where the plate has no holes, it is suggested to repeat the procedure a couple of times to make sure that all the air, even the one under the plate, can be removed. 
As for the diffs, it can be placed directly in the center of the device in the dedicated hole. The vacuum obtained with Air Killer Plus has a hold of several hours and this is excellent for diffs with very high viscosity oils. We still recommend if you are going to extend the treatment by pressing the start button again which will get back the vacuum effect at the maximum values. 
If you try to restart the pump, once you get the vacuum, and this doesn't work, don't worry! It means that the vacuum is already at the maximum value.

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